Are Aveda Products Really That Special?

What Makes Aveda Products Special?

At Face the Day Salon Spa in Ocala, FL, we are proud to offer the best products, treatments and customer experience. Our high standards reflect the practices of an Aveda Salon. With plenty of beauty companies to choose from, it is important for us to deliver the most exceptional services to our clients, leaving them with flawless results. Lots of research and trial led us to partner with Aveda Corporation because their commitment to quality and outcome mirrors our own. They really are that special.

Aveda strives to set an example of sustainability and transparency, for the world of beauty and beyond. It fulfills this promise with 100% vegan hair care products made from naturally derived ingredients that are both better for the planet and better for your hair.

Aveda’s extensive selection of hair products is totally free from artificial colors, chemicals or fragrances. Instead, they harness the beauty of Mother Nature, truly living up to their au naturale standards.

Ethically sourced ingredients and responsible packaging and manufacturing are just some of the multiple ways Aveda works to make the cosmetic industry sustainable. Its mission statement, about caring for the world we live in, translates across all avenues of the company. We believe that this requirement of excellence is what’s also shown in their products, allowing us to offer the best to our customers.

Aveda & Face the Day Salon Spa

How we promote our partnership with Aveda.

As an Aveda salon, we offer a myriad of hair care treatments, hair cuts and coloring options to freshen up your style.

Our Botanical Repair or Shine Treatment will help repair hair damage and leave your locks looking stronger, softer and smoother. Love the look? Buy your own to recreate it at home! We offer all of the products that we use in our treatments at our location in downtown Ocala.

If you’re looking for cruelty and silicon-free hair color, we have a wide range of services from Partial Highlight to Balayage and Color Retouch to create your dream hair, whatever that looks like.

If your hair is dry and dull, let us style it with a Permanent Wave or a Brazillian Blowout! Whatever you’re feeling, we have the hair treatment to match.

No matter your hair type or salon needs, Face the Day Salon Spa is happy to work with you to achieve the most radiant shine for your hair using the Aveda hair products we love, and we know you will, too. Contact us today and see what makes Aveda products so special!

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